Grindline Skateparks Design & Build

About Us

Mark Hubbard

Mark is the founder of Grindline who is respected and trusted by his entire staff. Mark is hands-on involved in the design and construction of the Nations most famous skateparks by ensuring the projects we deliver are the top quality, ever evolving, legendary skateparks Grindline has become synonymous with. Mark designs and oversees designs that are submitted to clients. His design style favors “organic flow”—gently undulating walls and cascading transitions that engage a dialogue with the surrounding environment.

Responsible for overall productivity, Mark recruits the most skilled concrete tradesmen for our team and trains them to build Skateparks beyond the level of quality our clients expect. He also is instrumental in identifying new methods of concrete construction and bringing that knowledge to field operations; thus, controlling the end product we bring to the public.

Mark has two concrete bowls in his own backyard in West Seattle. Mark is as well known for his antics on a skateboard as he is for his skills with the drafting pencil or trowel. He is a professional skateboarder who regularly makes appearances in skateboard magazines and videos. Besides his 17 years of concrete skatepark design / build experience, Mark also has an additional 10 years experience in Swimming Pool construction and Masonry installation.


Matt oversees all of Grindline’s construction and design projects as Senior Project Manager. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from Washington State University and a post graduate certificate in Project Management from the University of Washington. Matt is responsible for generating bids, estimating projects, mobilizing field crews, purchasing materials, communicating with clients and architects, and project schedule and budget. Matt is the person who attends pre construction meetings, site visits, handles changes in the scope of contracts and gets final acceptance of the projects. Matt is a life-long skater with many years of experience working construction in the field. He brings a tech savvy perspective to the project team with his experience in a number of different drafting and image rendering programs. Matt is a seasoned skatepark construction document draftsperson, with millions of dollars worth of public bid documents on his resume.


Micah develops our annual marketing plan which facilitates the pursuit, proposal submittal and awarding of project contracts. His 10 years of experience working in the skateboard industry, both as a team manager and a design/builder of critically acclaimed skateboard contest courses, allow him to have a finger on the pulse of what is popular with the skateboarding youth of today which he is then able to translate into our designs. He also leads our design workshops and handles drafting and image rendering. Micah is a certified AutoCAD and Rhino 3D operator which he uses to create realistic 3D models and construction documents of our award winning designs.


James combines his 8 years of concrete field experience and lifetime of skateboarding with a solid design background to deliver a practical perspective when managing construction projects. Working closely with the design and construction crews to bring projects in on schedule and on budget, with the quality of craftsmanship that Grindline is famous for. James attended Western Washington University and holds a certificate in Project Management from the University of Washington. James supports our Chief Operations Officer to administer projects as well as managing projects independently.


Emily heads our Finance Department through accounting, control, & risk management and ensures company compliance with financial reporting and information control requirements. Emily dynamically balances cost and service levels in delivering on Grindline’s responsibilities and reputation as a legendary Skatepark builder. Emily also serves as Grindline’s Contract Administrator by reviewing, amending and approving contracts for design and construction projects. She ensures that contract obligations are fulfilled through specified documents and maintains a high level of communication with clients for the duration of their project.


 Our current roster of 35 field employees gives us the schedule flexibility to start a project whenever a client is ready for us - and make sure it gets completed on time. Our field employees have built hundreds of skateparks between them, including the most famous and critically acclaimed parks in the world. The Grindline construction crews are all highly skilled concrete finishers who understand concrete and its complexities as well as all other phases of skatepark construction. They do it all: excavation, drainage, concrete form placement, rebar setting, concrete and shotcrete installation, and hand finishing of the skate surface to the buttery-smooth consistency Grindline skateparks are famous for. Every Grindline field employee is required to donate 100’s of hours of their time building skateparks before they are considered for employment and has a passion for skateboarding in their blood. An addiction for riding four wheeled planks of wood is a strict requirement for employment.